Richard Bailey Identity

Richard Bailey Identity

I reached out to a friend, a very talented SCAD alumni, on reworking his logo and business cards for his upcoming job ventures. He specialized in Visual Effects, specifically CG lighting. We discussed an icon and accompanying logotype that could be used both together and separately depending on the situation. This was partnered with a simple and polished aesthetic, and a decision to keep it black and white. I used typefaces that were more accessible, e.g. Google fonts so Richard could create his own separate pieces if he needed to. Below are some of the killed directions, as well as the final logo.


Direction 1. Long serifs for the monogram, giving it a friendly look.
It was paired with a neutral, light sans serif for the main name and details (Lato).


Direction 2. A bolder type direction inspired by the play of
shadows and lighting. Montserrat is the main typeface.


Direction 3. The sleekest of them all, this direction features custom
typography for the logotype and Avenir as the secondary typeface.


Chosen Direction. Still playing on the idea of casting a shadow, I aligned the initials so the B was acting as
the shadow of the R, or vice versa. I removed the unnecessary lines and paired it with Montserrat.